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Dear children of God today I am going to list out all miracles wrought by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and as you read this miracles list, if you believe on these miracles, you will receive miracles today and be blessed.


   1.  Nain’s widow’ son rose from dead. Luke7:11-16

2.       Jairus, s daughter rose from dead. Mathew 9:18-26;mark 5:22-43; luke8:41-56

3.       Lazarus rose after four days from dead. John11:32-44

4.       Unclean spirit possessed man healed. Mark1:23-26;luke4:33-37

5.       Jesus heals two men with Demons.mathew8:28-34; mark5:1-20; luke8:26-39

6.       Canaanite woman’s daughter healed. Mathew15:21-28

7.       Jesus heals a boy with a demon. Mathew 17:14-21;mark9:14-29; luke9:37-43

8.       Jesus heals an official’s son. John4:46-54

9.       Jesus cleanses a leper. Mathew 8:2-4;mark1:40-45;luke13-16

10.   Jesus heals many. Mark1:32;mathew8:16

11.   Jesus heals a paralytic. Mark2:3-12; mathew9:1-8;luke5:17-26

12.   The healing of 38 years sick man at the pool on the Sabbath. John5:1-16

13.   Jesus heals a centurion’s servant. Luke7:2-10;mathew8:5-13

14.   Jesus heals a man with a withered hand. Mark3:1-5;luke6:6-10

15.   Jesus heals a woman with a sickness of 12 years discharge of blood. Mark5:25-34; mathew9:20-22;luke8:43-48

16.    Jesus heals two blind men. Mathew20:29-34

17.   Jesus heals a man unable to speak. Mathew9:32-34

18.   Jesus heals a deaf man. Mark7:32-37

19.   Jesus heals a blind man at Bethsaida. Mark8:22-26

20.   Jesus heals a man born blind. John9:1-7

21.   Jesus heals a woman with a disabling spirit of eighteen years. Luke13:10-17

22.    Jesus heals a man of dropsy. Luke14:1-6

23.   Jesus cleanses ten lepers. Luke1711-19

24.   Jesus heals a blind beggar. Luke18:35-43

25.   Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus.mark10:46-52

26.   Jesus heals peter’s mother-in-law’ fever. Mark1:29-31;mathew8:14;luke4:38

27.   Jesus heals the servant of High priest.luke22:50-51

28.   Jesus curses the fig tree and it withered.mark11:12-14;mathew21:18-21

29.    Jesus calms a storm. Mark4:37-41;mathew8:23-37;luke8:22-25

30.   Jesus walks on the water. Mathew14:25;mark6:48;john6:19

31.   Jesus saves peter while he was sinking.mathew14:28-31;mark6:45-52

32.   Jesus changes water into wine at wedding canna.john2:1-11

33.    By Jesus ‘words peter let down the nets, enclosed a large number of fish. Luke5:1-11

34.   Jesus feeds five thousands.mathew14:15-21;mark6:35-44;luke9:12-17;john6:5-14


     35.           Jesus feeds four thousands. Mathew15:32-39;mark8:1-10

36.   Shekel in the fish mouth. Mathew17:24-27

37.   After resurrection Jesus met the disciples and they caught 152 big fishes. john 21:6-14




Dear brothers and sisters receive your miracles from our Lord Jesus Christ.  Today he is ready to do a miracle in your life. As you believe on Jesus Christ he is able to do a miracle and also I do pray for you, as you read this Jesus‘s miracles surly you will receive from him. All glory and honor to Jesus Christ who wrought miracles in your life. Amen. Please send your comments to my email ID.,,,

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